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Corporate Culture:

1. Follow the rules: Employees are responsible for themselves, occupation and enterprises; The enterprise is responsible for the growth of employees, responsible for customers, and responsible to the society.

2. Integrity: The company keeps its promises to the employees, the employees should sincerely dedicated to enterprises; The colleagues should treat each other sincerely and fight shoulder-and-shoulder; The company should be trustworthy to the customers, then customers will trust our company.

3. Harmony: People are in harmony with themselves, interpersonal relationships are in harmony, enterprises and society are in harmony and enterprises and nature are in harmony.

4. Focus: Focus on the industry and establish a professional image; Focus on technology and establish innovative ideas. Corporate Objective

Corporate Objective:

Based on scientific research, integrated R & D, production and sales in one high-tech enterprise

Corporate Mission:

Believe in "quality create the healthy life" and contribute to the community and public health

Our Valu:

Faithfulness, Responsibility, Concentration, Harmony

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