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Measures to prevent and control the new coronavirus epidemic after returning to work

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  • time: 2020-03-02
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Spring comes back to the earth and everything recovers. As of March 2, 2020, our province has no new coronaviruses for 11 consecutive days, which means that with the concerted efforts of the people of the province, new coronavirus prevention and control has achieved certain results. , But the initial results are not the same as a complete victory. We still need to pay attention to daily protection.  

On February 27, 2020, the resumption information submitted by Xi’an Green Spring Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the review, and the company’s employees officially resumed work. Before the resumption of work, the company’s administrative department had prepared sufficient masks, disinfectants, temperature measuring guns and other epidemic prevention materials, and comprehensively disinfected the company’s area. Our company’s personnel have also made comprehensive protective measures to facethe epidemic situation. 

At present, the company has formulated specific measures for epidemic prevention and control, emergency response plans, implementation plans for resumption of work, and vehicles for employees to commute to work, and distributed a "new coronavirus epidemic prevention manual" to each employee, in order to further increase the importance of employees to epidemic prevention and control. In order to ensure the safety of employees, the company has formulated the following prevention and control measures:  

1. All employees are disinfected with alcohol before entering the company every day, and their body temperature should be measured:

2. Employees must wear masks during work and keep a proper distance for work communication;

3. Bring your own lunch, take-out food and dining out are strictly prohibited;

4. Employees enter and exit the office, please disinfect at the entrance of the office area, including items from outside.

5. The recent business contacts outside the company should not be arranged in the company. Arrange as much as possible on the first floor lobby;

6. Take private cars or company-designated vehicles during commute. Public transportation is strictly prohibited.

Next, we will strictly implement the prevention and control plan, insist on disinfecting the office area every day, measure the temperature of each employee, and ensure the safety of employees.

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