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Introduction Of Beta-Carotene’s Functions.

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  • time: 2019-11-04
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1. Protect the eyes,Reduce skin roughness and dryness, Improve sleep, Auxiliary treatment of vitamin A deficiency, Improve immunity, Prevent respiratory infections. 

2. Suitable population and characteristics: 

(1) People with decreased vision. 

(2) People who operate computers for a long time. 

(3) myopia, glaucoma, presbyopia, cataract, diabetes and other poor eyesight. 

(4) Eat less green leafy vegetables and fruits. Long-term consumption of low-fat foods, or fat malabsorption, people who take lipid-lowering drugs. 

(5) Respiratory system is susceptible to infection, immunocompromised. (6) long-term smokers. 

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