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What Are Functions Of Ferulic Acid?

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  • time: 2019-11-04
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Ferulic acid should have been seen in some high-end skin care ingredients. For example, LANCOME Génifique Repair sc is so popular this year because it is said to contain 90% ferulic acid, so it is sought afterby the vast majority of the people. So what is the role of this essence called ferulic acid?

The main role of ferulic acid in skin care products is to repair whitening and soothe anti-inflammatory effects. It also has a good effect on anti-aging. However, ferulic acid requires a long-term effect on the skin to see a significant effect, and if it is not used frequently, the effect is not obvious. So when you’d like to try skin care products containing ferulic acid, you should remember to stick with it. When you stick to it, you’ll be surprised that ferulic acid starts to improve the immunity of your skin. It can make your skin look healthier, more delicate and younger than your peers. Even ferulic acid has a certain effect on anti-radiation and antibacterial. This is one of the reasons why the price of skin care products containing ferulic acid is relatively high. The most common form of ferulic acid extract is actually in the skin care products we use. On a daily basis, we rarely use other products containing ferulic acid.

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