Drinking 1 Cup Of Barley Tea Everyday To Eliminate Edema And Lower Cholesterol.

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Barley is one of the raw materials for making beer, and it is one of the few grains used to make tea. Barley tea made from barley not only can strengthen stomach and intestines, but also eliminate edema and lower cholesterol. It is a drink,which is suitable for all ages and all seasons. 

From a nutritional point of view, barley tea contains iron, manganese, zinc, selenium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals required by the human body, and is rich in vitamin B group, fat, protein and dietary fiber. 

Barley is spleen and stomach, and it is flat and sweet. Deng Zhengliang, dean of the Jide Chinese Medicine Clinic, pointed out that barley tea can cool off the heat, dilute the water, reduce the stomach and wide the intestine, eliminate fat and lose weight, and have a good cholesterol-lowering effect. "Like the dredge agent, the blood vessels can be cleaned. ". Because of its effect of free urination, it can remove excess water from the body and help eliminate edema. Drinking barley tea is very beneficial to the body. 

The magic of barley is that it is suitable for all seasons and young and old. Not only to dampness-evil when you drink at summer, but you can also eliminate fat and help digestion in winter. Although barley is cool, but the coolness is removedafter the stir-fry. Even the baby and the old man over 90 years old can drink a little higher concentration of barley tea. The elderly drink more barley teawill better the energy, because barley tea can spleen and stomach,the spleen and stomach are healthy, the body’s blood is healthy.  

Barley tea can also go irritated, calm and soothe the nerves, "It won’t cause sleepless after drinking," Deng Zhengliang said.  

Standard cooking method for barley tea: 

If the barley you have bought has not beenstir-fried, it is very simple to stir it yourself. Just heat the pot, stir it slightly with a small fire, and then cover it with a lid. A little flavor will come out. Barley is not stir-fried, it also has the effect of barley tea, but the fried barley has been cooled off, milder and more fragrant. 

Place the fried barley in boiled boiling water for 15 minutes. When the active ingredients in the barley are released, you can make a barley tea that is rich and cool.

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