How To Eat Dragon Fruit Best, You Know?

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When eating dragon fruit, you can peel off the bracts on the peel, and the remaining fruits and skin can be cut and eaten. The pitaya skin is crispy and sweet, and tastes like a sweet pepper. Some people don’t like to eat the peel directly, or they can make the dragon fruit into a juice. However, the sugar of the juice is absorbed by the body faster, which is likely to cause the blood sugar to rise rapidly in a short period of time. It is necessary to take it in a small amount or slowly. 

In addition to eating directly or as a juice, the dragon fruit is also a good source of creative hot and hot drinks and salads.  

Dragon fruit smoothie: After the dragon fruit is frozen, the frozen pulp is smoothed and directly tasted and tasted fine.  

To make Jelly: The dragon fruit juice can also be used as a toner for jelly. The jelly made by this natural plant pigment is not only pleasing to the color, but also nutritious and healthy. If the dragon fruit is added to the jelly, it will add a taste.

Dragon fruit into the dish: the dragon fruit into the dish and the chicken, seafood and other ingredients to match the taste. The peel can be sliced and served as a cold ingredient, or it can be directly used to scramble the eggs, or stir-fry the meat with the onions. It can be said to be endless. 

Since dragon fruit is a fruit with a high sugar content, it is recommended that the average person can eat it 30 minutes to 1 hour after a meal to avoid a rapid rise in blood sugar. If you are a diabetic or have a blood sugar problem, you can change the white dragon fruit, and watch outthe serving size. "Normally, the fruit intake of diabetic patients, it is recommended not to exceed two fists a day. 

A woman with a cold body may be uncomfortable when she has a diarrhea or menstruation after eating a dragon fruit. If this is the case, eat a little hot food and eat dragon fruit. As for pregnant women and children, there is no taboo.

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