Eating These Foods Can Help Relieve Migraine.

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For long-term migraine patients, all kinds of discomfort are enough to make them willing to try any treatment that may relieve headaches. I would like to suggest some treatments with relatively few side effectsand only spend less money. 

I believe that everyone has seen the classic advertisements of "Wei Dali, Italy" and "It’s good to drink". I remember that the slogan of this drink was a natural primary color rich in vitamin B2. How does vitamin B2 help the human body? 

Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is an essential nutrient for the body. It is involved in the metabolism of cells, has the function of protecting mucous membranes and skin, and is also considered to be helpful for migraine. Because one of the causes of migraine is considered to be a problem with the metabolism of granulocytes, vitamin B2 is a common factor required in the metabolism of granulocytes. It has been confirmed by some human experiments that the frequency and severity of migraine can be reduced.

In general, an adult’s recommended daily intake of vitamin B2 is about 1.3 mg, but if you want to treat a migraine, you should get about 400 mg. It is equivalent to more than 300 times the recommended daily intake. I think everyone is very curious about these vitamins sodas on the market can or not treat migraine. 

In the case of common vitamin soda, a bottle contains about 2-3 mg of vitamin B2. Therefore, if you want to drink a lot of soda to treat a migraine, you should drink hundreds of cans. If you want to take a high dose of vitamin B2 to treat migraine, it is recommended to find a professional doctor to help evaluate it.

If you do not have a migraine problem, you still need to add vitamin B2 every day.Lacks of vitamin B2may have problems such as sore throat, broken tongue, and hemorrhoids. 

Foods rich in vitamin B2: nuts, dark green vegetables, whole grains, milk, egg and fish, etc., are recommended to actively ingest and maintain bodily functions.

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