Will Eating Apple Cause Constipation Or Help To Lose Weight?

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The main ingredients of apple are fructose and glucose, and contain malic acid and citric acid, but lacks of vitamin, contains a lot of minerals, can lower blood pressure.Anddo not eat peel when constipation, because pectin is a water-soluble dietary fiber,it’ll freeze like a jelly after abosorbing water. People who are prone to diarrhea can help digestion and stop diarrhea. It is not right to eat apples three times a day. Apple can’t provide enough energy, so people will be weak and malnourished. Apples are rich in sugar. It is difficult to become thin if you depend on eating. It is recommended to eat only half a bowl of rice for one meal. Other vegetables, fruits and fish are added and subtracted according to the calorie table. Breakfast should be nutritious, noon should be full, supper should be less and do not eat anything at midnight.Drinking lots of water but lessbeverage, sweating for at least half an hour a day, so that you can lose weight healthily. 

Apples are rich in sugar, rich in fiber and pectin. For example, Drinking juice of apple when you diarrhea can anti-diarrhea. As for losing weight, only eating apple is not a good idea, because eating only apples will lead to nutritional imbalance, maybe there will be weight loss in the short term, but because it can not be eaten for a long time, it is easier to return to normal diet than before, and The heat of a medium-sized apple is about 1/4 bowl of rice, so if you eat too much, there will be no weight loss effect, but there will be a crisis ofincreasing weight.People would like to eat any foods to lose weight, but the most significant thing is how to arrange order and mix of eating.

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