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Halal Certification

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  • time: 2019-10-29
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Halal, Chinese translation is "Qing Zhen", Halal certification, that is, halal certification. That is also additives for food, medicine, cosmetics in line with Muslim living habits and needs. In general, other foods are allowed to be enjoyed except for foods that are prohibited in the Qur’an or that are prohibited by a reliable and clear Hadith. Islam gives people full freedom to eat and drink, provided that the substance they eat and drink cannot be "hala" (illegal). 

The Shariah professional audit team led by the Islamic expert Mufitof the Halal Foundation Canter and HFC provides a comprehensive certification consulting, halal internal auditor system training, halal production system training and halal inspection audit, international halal industry chain construction and other services for food, pharmaceutical, daily necessities, deep processing companies, and complex meat-based products manufacturers. The certificate is used in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, America, Asia and China (Mainland), Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other regions. 

Barley bran powder, berberine HCL, centellaasiatica extract, ferulic acid, garlic extract, ginger extract, ginseng extract, hemp extract, marigold extract, natural beta carotene, pomegranate extract, red yeast rice extract, rhodiolaroseaextract , saw palmetto extract, sophora japonica extract, spirulina extract, stevia extract, tomato extract, vanillin and other more than 20 kinds products produced by Xi`an Green Spring have passed the Halal certification.

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