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The Effect And Function Of Tongkat Ali Extract.

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Speaking of Tongkat Ali, I believe that many people who know a little about health care are very clear. People who have eaten Tongkat Ali will be convinced of his efficacy. Tongkat Ali, as a wild plant, has almost no side effects. Let’s talk about Tongkat Ali’s role in the human body.

Tongkat Ali extract

1. Replenishing physical strength and improving human immunity: The study found that Tongkat Ali contains an Antioxidant Enzyme (an antioxidant enzyme) that resists the chain reaction of free radicals harmful to the body;

2. anti-malaria: The study found that the alkaloids and biopeptides contained in the roots of Tongkat Ali can effectively kill malaria bacteria; 

3. strong kidney and kidney: Tongkat Ali exatract has a strong kidney effect, can effectively promote the secretion of testosterone in the human body, improve the body’s hormone content, promote blood circulation and metabolism, enhance kidney power, and at the same time can solve the problem of lack of renal motility and free testosterone Problems such as sexual dysfunction; 

4. treatment of prostatitis: Tongkat Ali extract can also greatly increase the level of testosterone, destroy the living environment of prostate inflammation, and truly eliminate all inflammation of prostatitis, thus playing a role in the treatment of prostatitis. 

5. The study found that Tongkat Ali can improve the quality of the sperm, increase the number, size, and speed of the sperm. to realize the effect of promoting fertility; 

6. Delaying the menopause, the traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney deficiency is the root cause of the menopause. As an international and only certified strong kidney plant, Tongkat Ali has an obvious effect on the delay of female climacteric.

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