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1. Packaging:

For bulks: 25kg/Drums, The sample package is double-layer plastic bag, or vacuum aluminum foil bag, each barrel has a net weight of 2.5-3KG, a diameter of 36-40CM, and a height of 52CM. The capacity of each barrel can be 25KG according to requirements, and others are 10KG, 15KG, 30KGS. The inner packaging of the barrel can also be customized into small packaging, which is convenient to use, and can also be repackaged according to customer requirements. 

2. MOQ:

1-5kgs, Labeling according to requirements, if not required, it is generally a special label for the company. 

3. Methods Of Transportation:

Express or logistics. For domestic express delivery arrive within 3-5 days, logistics arrive within 3-7 days. We can provide 5-10g sample, and over 100kgs are bulks. If no more than 1000kgs, the products usually delivered within 15 days. More than 25kgs can be invoiced, the company can issue special invoices for value-added tax, or can issue ordinary invoices for value-added tax. The name of invoicing is limited to the products within the scope of business of the company. Usually it’s shipped first, and the invoice is issued within two weeks. 

4. Storage: 

This product should be sealed and shielded from light, stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated place. 

5. About After Sales:

(1) About product quality: online trading, the most important thing is good faith. As a foreign export company established for 19 years, our requirements and control of products are extremely strict. All products will pass the quality inspection of purchasing, QC and warehouse management personnel before shipment to ensure delivery to your hands. The product is a qualified product, please confirm as soon as possible after receiving the product. In case the product has quality problems, please provide photo evidence and feedback within 48 hours, more than 48 hours, will not be refunded. 

(2) About out of stock: Although we are the primary source of the original factory, but the offline suppliers are also too much, we will try to ensure the stability of the supply, but please understand inevitably there will be out of stock. In the event of a stock out, we will notify the buyer within 3 hours or complete the refund within 48 hours. 

(3) About return and exchange: Please contact our sales service to confirm before exchange or return the goods. We will refuse to return the goods without customer service permission. The sales service receives return and exchange items, only in the case of meeting the return and exchange standards. After receiving the return request, the warehouse will find it according to the express delivery order. If the account is not filled, it will be rejected. Please carefully check the quantity returned and carefully fill out the return receipt.

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